December 11, 2018
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Madawaska Police and School Department Combine Forces

Community Author: Suzie Paradis
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Town of Madawaska | BDN
Town of Madawaska | BDN

The Madawaska Police and School Department have combined forces to create a School Resource Police Officer Position in the School System

In the last few weeks, Police Chief, Ross Dubois has been working collaboratively with the Madawaska School Department’s Superintendent Gisele Dionne, and Wayne Anderson, Principal of Madawaska Middle/High School to be proactive and discuss different strategies to help prevent violence within our schools. 

Police Chief, Board of Selectmen and Town Manager, Gary Picard decided to reallocate some of the resources to ensure we are providing the best possible service to the community. It was agreed upon to reallocate duties within the Police Department to allow Lieutenant Jamie Pelletier the opportunity to assume duties of a Criminal Investigator/School Resource Officer. A School Resource Officer is presented with opportunities daily to help a child out of a bad situation or to help a child turn their lives around and to work with their families and school community to provide support. By reassigning law enforcement duties, the Police Department will be able to increase student safety and school security at no additional cost to our tax base. Lt Pelletier is very excited to be a part of the School’s first School Resource Officer program. He says, “My goal is to ensure safe learning environments in our schools and fostering positive relationships with youth.”

The National Association of School Resource Officers considers it a best practice to use a “triad concept” to define the three main roles of school resource officers: educator (i.e. guest lecturer), informal counselor/mentor, and law enforcement officer.

According to Police Chief DuBois, “It has become a reality with the recent and former school shootings that we need to be proactive for the safety of our children. We’ve heard many people state they never thought these tragedies could happen in their communities.”

Gisele Dionne, Superintendent of Schools in Madawaska stated “The Madawaska Police Department has always worked well with our schools. This new collaboration is a win-win situation. We get to have more security and a Police Officer is present amongst our students. We are very grateful to have a school resource office in our buildings and we would like to thank the Town of Madawaska for making this possible.”

Wayne Anderson is extremely pleased to partner with the Madawaska Police Department to secure a School Resource Police Officer, he said, “This will create a healthy and much safer environment for our students and staff. This is definitely a positive addition to our schools. I am happy to welcome Lieutenant Jamie Pelletier to our schools.”

Town Manager, Gary Picard would like to congratulate Lt. Jamie Pelletier on his new position as School Resource Officer and he is looking forward to continued working relationships with the Schools.