November 17, 2019
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Lori Tremblay: Celestial Territories

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littlefieldgallery | BDN
littlefieldgallery | BDN
Celestial Territories oil on panel 24x48 inches

September 2-October 13 Artist’s Reception Saturday, September 20, 5-7 pm
Artist’s talk September 20, 4pm

to view show online go to

“This body of paintings focuses its primary lens on the ecliptic and the twelve universally accepted constellations known as the Zodiac with their respective decan constellations in the context of the celestial sphere.

Observing and naming of these original 48 constellations dates back to the beginning of recorded time and it is from this ancient and timeless knowledge that I draw inspiration to embark on “picturing” if you will the Zodiac with its decans as they make their journey along the ecliptic path of our sun with emphasis on their “shapes” and using color to embody a sense of what the ancients believed these enduring lights to be.

It is to the many observers over the course of time, that have delighted with awe and wonder at the night sky, that I pay homage with this body of work.”
~Lori Tremblay