October 16, 2019
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K-9 Aki channels batman at BPD roll call

Community Author: Bangor Police Department
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Bangor Police Department | Contributed
Bangor Police Department | Contributed

Roll call is a special time at the Bangor Police Department. We gather together to get the Sergeant’s blessing, updates on cases, patrol beats, wanted persons, and generally get into a mindset to take on the day (or night) tasks at hand.

The DOJ wasn’t there. He is in a glass box after all.

When Aki is working he shows up early, appears to hold a pre-game session with those who also choose to arrive early, but he knows the drill and does pay attention once the Sarge starts talking.

He used to sit in a chair near the front of the room, but we have new folks and, naturally, he gave up his chair for the rookies; the table works well.

He’d probably rather be perched on the lectern.

He thinks he looks like Batman.

You tell him he doesn’t.

When I walk by ongoing roll calls in the late afternoon while leaving work, this is the picture I see, typically.

I have been determined to stop and take a photo but I don’t want to interrupt the Chief.

I want to thank Officers Aaron Brooker, Jordan Perry, and Jimmy Hassard for sending me their shots. Well, I want to thank Aaron and Jordan as Jimmy didn’t send me his photo.

Jimmy wants me to sign a release.

We hope you have a wonderful Thursday.

Call us if you need police aid or intervention.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.

We will be here.


BPD Duck of Justice is occasionally published in BDN Maine Weekly on Thursdays. This installment is for Jan. 17.