February 21, 2020
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Jonathan Buck Witch’s Curse in New Book

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November 25, 2009

The assistant librarian at the Buck Memorial Library, Emeric Spooner, has published another book, this one entitled “In Search of Maine Urban Legends.” 

Spooner, long fascinated by things historical, supernatural and other things sometimes hard to explain, has a go in this book with some of the odd occurrences in Bucksport’s past – and then moves on to explore a few incidents that occurred down the road a piece – but still in Maine.

In the process, he also seeks to debunk many of the misconceptions about Col. Jonathan Buck and the alleged witch’s curse that still keep the tourists coming to the memorial in downtown Bucksport erected to honor the founder of the town. 

Spooner admits he’s never cared much for the legend, but in the interest of history and science he decided to pursue it anyway. 

His book also makes random inquiries into such diverse topics of the elephant that once rampaged through Bucksport, the woman who may have been a serial murderer before (a) any woman generally had earned that title and (b) who apparently did so before the term “serial killer” became so common-place.  And, oh yes, there’s the doctor-mortician who couldn’t keep his lamp lit while trying to shoot a lynx in the basement. 

Spooner is self-marketing his book, his sixth, as well as offering it at area outlets. 
(it can be obtained by visiting the website Maine Supernatural at http://home.myfairpoint.net/espooner or on Amazon.com)