October 19, 2019
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High School students compete in annual student truck driver championship

Community Author: Vicki Kimball
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AUGUSTA — For the eighth year, 37 high school student truck drivers competed in the annual Dick Dolloff Memorial CTE Student Truck Driver Championship held at the Augusta Civic Center on April 10.

These students come from high school CDL Training programs at Career and Technical Education (CTE) schools across Maine: Tri-County Technical Center located in Dexter; Region 9 School of Applied Technology in Rumford; Region 3 Northern Penobscot in Lincolnl; Westbrook Regional Vocational Center in Westbrook.

These four schools offer a school year long truck driver training to students who wish to enroll in their local vocational/technical school. The standard requirements these schools must follow come from Federal Motor Carrier Safety and the Federal Department of Transportation and the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles Department of Drivers Education. The student drivers enrolled in these schools are trained beyond the federal minimum of 144 hours and receive as much as 350 hours of actual driver training during their school year. These students, depending on the school they attend will license as a CDL Operator; as class B vehicle and/or as a class A vehicle driver during their Junior and/or Senior year of high school.

The event was held with the help and support from MMTA (Maine Motor Transport Association) and MPDA (Maine Professional Drivers Association) members. The brand new trucks and truck-tractors the students used for the event were donated from Freightliner of Maine Portland and Bangor with special thanks to Brian Hallowell, O’Connor Heavy Trucks in Augusta and Portland with special thanks to Pat Boucher, and Whited Peterbilt of Auburn and Bangor with special thanks to Jon Whited and Sue McAvoy.

Several businesses were present to talk with students about the possibility of employment and observe their skills under pressure including Sargent Corporation, State of Maine DOT, HO Bouchard, the Maine Army National Guard Transportation Unit as well as Walmart presenting the “No Zone” for spectators and students. The American Trucking Association chaired by local trucking company president Barry Pottle, attended with four  of “America’s Road Team” captains with the “Interstate One” simulator trailer which holds inside driving simulators for use.  This was an amazing addition to this high student driver event and the road team captains were great advisors and mentors to the high school drivers.

The Maine State Police, Troop K Commercial Vehicle Enforcement scored and judged the vehicle safety inspection portion of the event, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles provided 3 CDL Examiners to serve as judges of the driving maneuvers, and several current and retired professional drivers of the Maine Professional Drivers Association scored and judged.


CLASS B/Straight Truck vehicle- trophy WINNERS

First place- Michael Barriault TCTC (Tri-County Technical Center)/Dexter

Second place– Grady Berry TCTC (Tri-County Technical Center)/ Dexter

Third place– Kile Heikkenin REG 9

Team Trophy Class B Vehicle-  TCTC (Tri-County Technical Center)/Dexter

Memorial Chris Broderick Safety Award for vehicle inspection CLASS-B vehicle- a clean tie between Michael Barriault and Grady Berry-TCTC (Tri-County Technical Center)/Dexter

CLASS A VEHICLE (5-axle) –trophy WINNERS

First place Seth Woodard TCTC (Tri-County Technical Center)

Second  place– Merle Hayes TCTC (Tri-County Technical Center)

Third place- Cameron Bagley TCTC (Tri-County Technical Center)

Team trophy Class A Vehicle- TCTC (Tri-County Technical Center)

Memorial Chris Broderick Safety Award for vehicle inspection CLASS- A vehicle – Isaiah Crocker TCTC (Tri-County Technical Center)

Drivers from each school who are invited for the fourth year to participate in the new “Future Truck Driver Division” at the Professional Truck Drivers Championship held Saturday, May 18, at Dysarts on the Odlin Road in Hermon are-

Region 9 School of Applied Technology/Rumford: B- Austin Sanborn; B- Ethan Thompson; A- Victoria Skillin

Westbrook Regional Voc. Center drivers- B- Josh Flaherty; B- Steven Roes

Tri-County Technical Center/Dexter drivers- B- Michael Barriault; B- Grady Berry; A- Seth Woodard; A- Merle Hayes

REG 3/Lincoln drivers- B- Maxwell Burleigh; B- Miranda Mason; A- Nolan Hanscom; A- Grady Osgood