June 01, 2020
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‘Healing Meditation’ topic at November Skeleton Crew

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Scott Mayer | BDN
Scott Mayer | BDN
Scott Mayer

By: Beth Ranagan

DEXTER: For centuries, Asian monks have used meditation to relieve suffering and obtain enlightenment. Although meditation may be thought of as a practice of a particular religion, the fact is that it doesn’t belong to any faith at all. It is a way to connect with your inner being in silent stillness while quieting your mind to improve clarity of focus during and after the meditation period.

Today, ordinary Americans are using meditation as a natural, alternative way to ease physical and emotional pain during disease recovery. Others use meditation for disease prevention by deescalating stressors each day. In the meditative state, the mind forms a deep connection with the body for positive effects.

The review of brain research using Functional MRI technology has shown that brain structures can be positively changed through meditation to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and pain. With just a few days of meditation training, concentration and attention can improve. Sara Lazar, researcher at Harvard University, found in her work using MRI that the cortical thickness of the aging brain can be gradually restored through regular meditation. Other scientific studies have shown that meditation can reduce stress and strengthen the immune system as you bring consciousness to the body. Meditation is more commonly accepted and used in the medical community today, particularly in cancer care, to help people heal.

On Friday, November 4 at 1 p.m. at the Abbott Memorial Library in Dexter on Church Street, the Skeleton Crew will welcome Scott Mayer, experienced meditator and meditation teacher, to speak about meditation and healing. He graduated from Marlboro College in Vermont with a Bachelor’s Degree in Immunology and Biochemistry. Mayer understands science as related to bodywork and healing. He studied with dozens of internationally prominent teachers to learn the healing arts. He is a licensed Massage Therapist, Master Qi Healer, a certificated Qigong Therapist, a Tai Chi Master, and a certificated Hypnotherapist. Scott has worked with thousands of people during his long career using Shiatsu and CranioSacral Therapy. He has lectured at medical schools, universities, massage schools and Five Star resort spas throughout the East Coast. Mayer resides in Dexter, currently serving the community through weekly Tai Chi classes at Millside Fitness Center, where his students are learning that Tai Chi is a movement meditation.

Although the Skeleton Crew is dedicated to helping those with bone disease, Scott’s meditation program is open to all who are interested in the broad topic of healing meditation. The public is invited. Light refreshments will be served. Call Liz Breault, Librarian, (924-7292), for further information.

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