Greenville Consolidated School first quarter honor roll

Community Author: Carla Hanson
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Greenville Consolidated School

First quarter honor roll


Grade 12, high honors: Noah Bilodeau, Tiegan Murray, Morgan Noyes and Thomas Watt; honors: Bianca Breton, Chris Caiazzo, Adam Ethier, Camden Harmon, Aubrey Kronholm, Tucker Lee, Abbygail McDonough, Lileighanne Miller, Jack Morehouse, Aleya Pelletier, Halle Pelletier, Jessica Pomerleau, Allison Savery and Andrew Worster.

Grade 11, high honors: Jessica Cobb and Katie Worster; honors: Dacey Bridges, Madison Kane, Chelsie Martel and Christian Trujillo.

Grade 10, high honors: Ashley Bussell, Skylar Larabee and Eva Patrick; honors: Taylor Elsemore, Tracer St. Jean and Connor Truman.

Grade nine, high honors: Lexi Bjork; honors: Hunter Barns and Dominick Murray.

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