February 23, 2020
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G.I. Joe’s Maine connection . . . and movie review

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The new G.I. Joe live action movie is high on flashy action sequences but can be overly cartoonish. There is a Maine connection with G.I. Joe; the fictional group actually has members from the state of Maine.

These soldiers are Avalanche from Madawaska in Aroostook County and Sneak Peak from Bangor in Penobscot County. Neither character from the toy line are in the movie but there is always the eventual sequel to consider.

Poor Avalanche. He makes the list of lamest G.I. Joe figures at the G.I. Joe fan website, The Metal Misfit. The site states:

“Avalanche – 1987
A member of Battle Force 2000, Avalanche drew the short straw and had to wear a Mohawk helmet. He also blends in great while on the farm out in the cow fields.”

Sneak Peak also came out in 1987 but I was unable to find a write-up about him. I have attached pictures of these Maine “fighting men” for your enjoyment.

To find my full review of the new “G.I. Joe” film, please follow this link, www.thereelguy.com. The movie is not bad for kids but adults may be less enthusiastic.