May 30, 2020
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EAC Features Folk Singer’s ‘Native Americana’

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Darryl Tonemah

The Eastport Arts Center is excited to present Darryl Tonemah in concert on Friday, October 28 at 7 pm. Tonemah has spent the past 25 years touring the U.S. and Canada, singing his songs and telling the stories behind those songs. A full-blooded Native American (Kiowa/Comanche/Tuscarora), Tonemah has recorded 9 award-winning albums. Growing up on and off reservations throughout the country, as well as working as a health and wellness educator for indigenous communities has given him a unique perspective that is evident in his songwriting. “I have had the blessing of seeing and experiencing a lot of things during my travels—some great, some heartbreaking, some funny,” says Tonemah. “They all inspire song ideas, lines, chord progressions, and drum patterns scribbled on pieces of paper that I had in my pocket. They usually all manage to end up in the back seat of my car. When I can’t fit anything else back there, I figure it’s time to record another album.”

Tonemah’s performances combine the energy of rock, the intelligence of folk and the heart of country, to create a musical niche he calls, “Native Americana.” At times the trickster, at times the son, at times the father, at times the seeker, Tonemah is a consummate storyteller. Planning for his Eastport show, Tonemah said, “I’ll be playing songs from my catalog songs I’ve recorded over the past 25 years. Some written to help understand myself, some to reflect my understanding of those around me, and most importantly written to make a connection with the listener. I don’t necessarily write a set list; I like to feel the room and that determines which way the show goes. Sometimes an audience is in the mood to sit and listen; sometimes they want to jam.”

Tickets for the performance are $10, and attendees 17 and under will be admitted free of charge; tickets are available for purchase via the events calendar on the EAC website or at the EAC box office one half hour before the performance. For more information about Tonemah, please visit The Eastport Arts Center is at 36 Washington Street, Eastport, and at, and is handicapped-accessible.