May 29, 2020
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BPD Duck of Justice: A Duck of Justice parable

Community Author: Bangor Police Department
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Rosemary Lausier | BDN
Rosemary Lausier | BDN

The Bangor Police Department Duck of Justice might be the focal point of a much anticipated visit to our humble police department but he also is, in some ways, the character in a parable.

The Duck was rescued from a garbage can when no one wanted him around any longer. He was accepted by a group of misfit police officers and reassured that he was worth something.

With a newfound optimism, he was sent to a coastal rehab facility on a side road in Stockton Springs, Maine. Upon his triumphant return he continued his mission of bringing people a little closer together. People who come to a police department in order to see a duck tend to see so much more.

They come not because of a problem or issue but only to visit. His presence assures a smile or two (and a whole bunch of questions about why we have a duck under an overturned glass aquarium).

He is an actual Internet sensation, whatever that is.

So this morning, for those of you who cannot make the pilgrimage to our humble police station, I want to tell you there is hope.

Kelly Brewer of Georgia has been a follower of the page for a time. She wrote me a very nice letter, and in order to keep her from being subjected to a forced visit to a facility which specializes in caring for individuals who might not dwell in the workaday world of reality, I won’t share all of it. She was very complimentary on the writing and why she loves the page.

She sent me several things, a book by an excellent author named Brad Whittington (Muffin Man), several packages of Muffin mix, a small plastic school bus (representing some writing I have done for our friends at and a photograph of Kelly wearing her newest Duck of Justice tee shirt.

Kelly did not believe she would be able to make it up to Maine this year in order to have her photograph taken with the DOJ. So, she requested that I take her picture, place it beside the Duck, and then take a picture.

I told you she needed to speak to a professional.

But I find this kind of bizarre behavior quite normal. I did take a stuffed duck out of a trashcan while being asked to leave the District Attorney’s Office by a German girl. That is a song for another time.

So, for Kelly Brewer, we share her photo with the Duck of Justice. Thank you for the letter, the book and the muffin mix. The little school bus has been placed on my bookcase, near my Duckphone (yes, it quacks when someone calls).

Someone out there may feel discarded, left out, or all alone. It is up to the rest of us to make sure that we do all we can to make sure that doesn’t happen

#WWTDOJD (What would the Duck of Justice do?)

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.

All we have is each other.

Have a great Thursday wherever you may roam.

For those of you that have left messages regarding our new policy which keeps Winter Snow Removal tickets OFF your windshield until the first measurable snow-

TC’s tips on how to tell if it is a measurable snow-

  1. The big orange City of Bangor trucks with plows (on the front) go by your home with their plows down on the asphalt while pushing frozen white precipitation.

In absence of the orange truck, driven by bearded men all jacked up on coffee and Skoal, you might see snow on the ground in amounts which come up OVER the toe of your Chuck Taylors. This is an indicator that the snow is going to be plowed.

It is at this point that you should run (not walk) to your car which may be parked on a city street and move it to a more secure location; in essence hiding it from the “walkers” who carry ticket books (cops and parking enforcement officials).

All other rules of parking can be read at your leisure right

As a sturdy and stalwart Mainer (with bread bags inside your pac boots in order to keep the winter moisture out) you know that snow is coming so it is best to have your winter parking spots (off city streets) mapped out and digitally installed in your Garmin GPS devices so they can be easily found after the big one hits.

We don’t like writing tickets or towing cars. Contrary to the popular opinions of “Pudge” living up on one of the “Tree Streets.” We would much rather that the streets be clear of vehicles so the plow guys (all jacked up on coffee and Skoal) can do their jobs to keep the streets clear.

Legal disclaimer: The City of Bangor is a smoke and tobacco free workplace.

Drinking coffee is still allowed (so far).

We will be here.


The Bangor Police Department’s Duck of Justice is published in BDN Maine Weekly on Thursdays. This installment is for Nov. 30.