Dr. Lewis S. Libby School, Milford First semester honor roll

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Grade eight, high honors: Evan Closson, Peter Harrington, Steven Harrington, Jacob Matson, Avery Redding and Desirae Seeley; honors: Logan Black, Matt Brawn, Anakin Calabrese, Tyson Connolly, Caleb Kahl, Emma LaBelle, Bryan Spencer, Lauren Stewart and Amelia Swasey.


Grade seven, high honors; Ava Depew, Khloe Dunton, Bobby Lombardo, Tyler Michaud, Haley Moores, JP Reinzo and Ella Ryder; honors: Madison Davis, Chase Dodge, Jacob Harris and Arianna Sargent.


Grade six, high honors: Brayden Albert, Eli Barnes, Emily MacDonald, Lindsay Mockler, Ally Olivares and Gabriel Pelkey; honors: Shyannah Albert, Shelby Clark, Alyssa Comeau, Amelia Dubay, Cindy Girouard and Nathan Legere.


Grade five, high honors: Jackson Brawn, Cayden Campagna and Owen Dunn; honors: Jocelyn Casiano, Isaac Depew, Logan Dodge, Mallory Liepold, Aubrey Quinney, Gabby Olivares and Alyse Sapiel.

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