March 23, 2019
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DOJ gets seafaring visitors, avoids getting scurvy

Community Author: Bangor Police Department
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The Duck’s inner sanctum was overrun with delighted Duck people this week.

It was incredible, at one point, 13 folks (not a sports team, or even related to each other in any way) stopped in to get their picture with the Duck of Justice at the same time; it gets crowded.

Who would have ever believed that a stuffed Duck, rescued from a trash can, kept under glass, and stored in a museum full of police memorabilia would become one of the major tourist destinations of Bangor, Maine.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you probably also went to Mr. King’s house to stand on the street, by the fence, and then pointed back at his house while your bro-in-law took your photo and told you about the time he saw Mr. King reading a book at a local eatery, but that is to be expected.

This is a stuffed Duck, under glass, rescued from a trash-can, thrown there by an angry German girl who was sick of the stuffed Duck in her office which was located in the county courthouse – go ahead with your theories- but it’s just not a likely. It’s actually unfathomable.

(note the term unfathomable- a shout out to nautical terms, and a pretty darn good transition into the next 4000 words of this post)

I think we all want a second chance and the Duck represents that quite well. We all have a need to be dusted off and propped back up.

Chris and Carl showed up- they came in a boat- true story.

They were cruising the Maine islands and bays and took a left turn from Penobscot Bay and stirred up a wicked-wake behind them as they motored up the mighty Penobscot River to Bangor.

They docked, hung around in the rain, and then wandered up to the station to experience the Duck.

These are their photos.

I was impressed that Carl did not smell of raw onions- but he claims scurvy is not a big issue now since they had only been at sea a few days. He did tell me that my obvious and incessant sniffing was unnerving, thus his expression in his photo with the Duck of Justice.

See- you learn things from people.

Chris was more crafty with her photo, and while I was not sniffing- she kept her distance after Carl and I talked about scurvy.

I do make people uncomfortable.

Hey, it’s all in a day with the DUCK.

Legal Disclaimer- The angry German girl and I have come to an agreement in her ongoing lawsuit against me for calling her “angry.” She said she does accept being called German- because she is- but she denies being angry. I have been ordered, by the courts, to provide her a hot pink Duck of Justice hoodie sweatshirt. I am not to contact her, or name her in our posts. She demands that her new sweatshirt has no extra embroidery indicating she is “The Angry German girl”- so, I pulled out all the stitching which formed those words- on the back, in big letters. Duct tape should cover the holes.

Thank-you, Andrea, for your kindness…oops.

What are you doing this weekend? This is the time on the marginally world famous Bangor Police Department Facebook page in which YOU take over the comments and tell us things we don’t really need to know.

Where you are, your weather, and maybe a tidbit about what you are up to this weekend.

We love the comments, and we read them all. Heck, all of us read them all. It’s pretty interesting.

And that’s really why you come here- anybody can move their lips to a song they did not sing. We have a Duck, 281,000 friends, and that doesn’t include Andrea the angry German girl.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone and be kind to one another.

We will be here.


July 2018

BPD Duck of Justice is published in BDN Maine Weekly on Thursdays. This installment is for Aug. 9.