May 31, 2020
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Coastal Humane Society allowed to reopen early after isolated case of ringworm

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BRUNSWICK, Maine — Two weeks ahead of schedule, Coastal Humane Society has been allowed by the State of Maine Animal Welfare Program to reopen after a quarantine period to treat an isolated case of ringworm in five puppies it had received from Alabama. The state had originally required the facility to be closed for 28 days minimum.

Coastal Humane Society’s shelter at 30 Range Road will reopen to the public at noon Saturday, Aug. 23.

“We credit the early reopening of the shelter to our proactive and attentive staff, and to best-practice infectious disease protocols,” said Dr. Mandie Wehr, shelter veterinarian and director of shelter operations.

“Shelter staff diligently maintained 16 different quarantine zones so that no ringworm spores could spread throughout the Range Road facility.  After two rounds of testing in each of these zones, all of which came back negative, each environment has been deemed clear of ringworm by the state. No other animals in the shelter but the original five have displayed any symptoms of the fungal infection.”

In an email to Wehr, Liam Hughes, director of the state’s Animal Welfare Program, agreed, noting, “I look forward to sitting down with you and discussing your protocols and how we can share that knowledge with the other shelters in the state. They are very impressive and you are doing good work there.”

The five puppies that contracted ringworm in Alabama will continue their treatment in isolation and will be put up for adoption when healthy.