January 23, 2019
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BPD Duck of Justice: BPD gets a new officer, warns against phone scammers

Community Author: Bangor Police Department
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Bangor Police Department | BDN
Bangor Police Department | BDN
Officer Tyler Johnston

As some of you might already know, we have a new class of rookies starting here at the Bangor Police Department.

In order for you (and I) to get to know them, we ask them ten questions. No, it’s not enough for you to truly know all about them, but it allows you (the faithful Facebook friendly folk) to put a name to a face in case you happen to run into them at some point during your daily grind in Bangor.

Tyler Johnston is one such officer. I will warn you in advance that we can no longer accept the following comments/ questions regarding the officer’s youthful appearance-

  1. Is he old enough to drive? We believe so
  2. I am old enough to be his mother, father, great aunt, grandparent, boss, driver’s ed teacher, school teacher, girlfriend…. Yes, we know.
  3. Is he/she old enough to shave? We don’t care.
  4. Is he/she single? This isn’t Tinder
  5. He/she can arrest me anytime. This is not a Cinemax made for late night television movie.
  6. Does his/her mother know he is out past 11 p.m.? Yes.

Let’s get Tyler Johnston’s answers-

TC- How do you normally spend your days off?

TJ- “I like to spend my days off with my family; I also like to spend time hunting or fishing.”

TC- Why did you want to become a police officer?

TJ- “Most importantly I wanted to become a police officer to help and protect people in the community. I also liked the fact that a police officer’s job is never routine and you never know what to expect.”

TC- If you were stuck on a deserted Island, what are three things you would want and we are not including food and water?

TJ- “A solar powered radio, my dog and a fishing pole.”

TC- How did you end up on the island in the first place?

TJ- “I probably got lost in the woods. I have been known to get lost in the woods a few times.”

TC- What is the best piece of advice you will leave to your grandchildren?

TJ- “Always be kind and respectful to people. As well as to be humble.”

TC- If I gave you 100 dollars, what exactly would you do with it?

TJ- “It would be a bit weird for you to give me 100 dollars. But, I would donate it to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial fund.”

TC- Where are you from?

TJ- “Brewer.”

TC- Excellent use of brevity in regard to the question

TJ: “Thank-you.”

TC- Who are your top three favorite bands or musical artists?

TJ- “That’s a tough one, I like a lot of different types of music…. BUT if I had to pick three it would be: Justin Moore, Breaking Benjamin, Toby Keith.”

TC- How long do you think you can last at the Bangor Police Department?

TJ- “I would like to stay here until I am able to retire.”

TC- Why?

TJ- “Bangor is a great department and a very busy department with lots of opportunity to work extras and overtime for special events. You have the opportunity to be selected for a bunch of teams/specialties and training classes.”

TC- What was the best part of the police academy?

TJ- “Leaving Friday… I am kidding. I liked a lot of aspects of the police academy. My favorite part would have to be the training involving real life scenarios. We did multiple scenario-based training on a daily and weekly basis. The cadre staff were pretty cool too after about week 8.”

Please note the photo of Officer Johnston with a bicycle. And no, it is not how he gets to work, it is recovered stolen property. He rides Schwinn.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.

We have rookies.

The number was coming from a Maine area code and while I did not know who it was, I was curious.

I don’t get that many calls on my own cell phone. Frankly, I am not that much fun on the phone and I have been told I am not all that amusing in person. It’s cool.

He sounded like a nice guy. He was giving me the opportunity to give to the National Police Officers Alliance. It was my lucky day- and his!

He cut right to the chase, I never had a chance to tell him I was a police officer. He asked how much I could donate tonight. I had the choice between one hundred and one hundred and fifty dollars. I needed some time to think and to haul out my new Christmas wallet.

Very early in the wallet’s life, I had to cut out the photo-folio with a razor blade because it made it too thick to carry around in my back pocket. I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of reserve thickness in case I was suddenly flush with cash.

It’s still thin, but I had enough inside to get some boneless wings at Geaghan’s on my way home from work. I am working on the single lifestyle for a few weeks, just me and the dog. She also needs Milk Bones. I was not going to be able to donate tonight. I cannot look into her brown-eyes again without a few crispy wafers in-hand.

I was lucky, he would take my credit card without any trepidation. Good people, those folks at the National Police Officers Alliance. Trusting, good-natured, pushy. Sort of like how cops can be at times.

I still needed to know more. So I asked, “Which causes do you contribute to in order to keep police officers safer?” I was only regurgitating what he had told me the Alliance does. He told me to go right online to find out, they have a website.

I asked again. He did not want to give me specifics because he could be wrong. That’s what he said anyway.

I told him that we do have a lot in common as I too try to further the causes of police officers in America, one of the ways I do it is to make sure that cops don’t get scammed by money grubbing charlatans who try to collect one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars from people who don’t have it to give people who are not really doing what they say they are doing.

I didn’t go to the website. I asked again for specifics where my donated dollars would be working. He did not know. I think it’s plausible that he doesn’t know. I think he should. He hung up when I told him what I did for a living.

I am not expecting any money from the American Police Officers Alliance to further the causes of this police officer. I would have let him pay for boneless wings because that would make this American Police Officer very happy.

Not gonna happen.

When someone calls you and you think it’s a scam, enjoy yourself by asking a few questions. If the answers are not good enough, ask a few more. It won’t be long before you realize that most unsolicited calls are not working to further anyone’s true cause.

Don’t be a victim. Give to causes which you decide are best for you, then reach out to them.

We will be here. We don’t want your money. You paid taxes so your dues are taken care of.


The Bangor Police Department’s Duck of Justice is published in BDN Maine Weekly on Thursdays. This installment is for Feb. 1.