May 27, 2020
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Birth Announcements from Cary Medical Center

Community Author: Judy
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The following births were recently announced at Cary Medical Center:

To Chelsea and Gabe Cheney, Mapleton, a girl, Meredith Hayden Cheney, born June 7, 2019.

To Chantalle and Kelly Cote, Connor Township, a girl, Kayleigh Elizabeth Cote, born June 9, 2019.

To Bridget McDougall and Lane Deabay, Caribou, a girl, Catherine Theresa Deabay, born June 10, 2019.

To Alyssa and Travis Duboise, Fort Fairfield, a girl, Mackenna Duboise, born June 11, 2019.

To Kadie Lausier, a girl, Elly May Lausier, born June 11, 2019.

To Courtney Charier and Derek Page, Woodland, a girl, Charlotte Abigail Page, born June 12, 2019.

To Amanda Guerrette and Brandon Holman, Caribou, a girl, Aliza Lori Mae Holman, born June 12, 2019.

To Jennifer and Dave Carrier, Caribou, a girl, Norah Mary Carrier, born June 13, 2019.

To Kristina and Lance Morin, Fort Kent, a boy, Levden Leo Morin, born June 13, 2019.

To Caroline Rossignol and Scott Pelletier, Connor Township, a boy, Blane Edmond Pelletier, born June 14, 2019.

To Shyanne Grace and Cody Jackson, Caribou, a boy, Zeak Alucard Jackson, born June 14, 2019.

To Tiffany and Justin Smith, Caribou, a girl, Harper Bree Smith, born June 15, 2019.

To Tracy and Steve Babin, Caribou, a boy, Dawson Robert Babin, born June 17, 2019.

To Taylor Turner and Robert Bradstreet, Fort Fairfield, a girl, Briella Grace Turner, born June 19, 2019.

To Pamela Faye Churchill and Jordan Robert Chambers, Fort Fairfield, a boy, Benjamin Robert Chambers, born June 23, 2019.

To Lisa and Joel Gomez, Caribou, a girl, Diana Damaris Gomez, born June 24, 2019.