February 26, 2020
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Bill Diamond: Maine is not for Sale!

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I was shocked recently.

I received an invitation from Diamond PAC for a Dec. 3 fundraising event for Senator Bill Diamond.

Fair enough.

Bill Diamond is the Senate Chair of the powerful Appropriations Committee. As I am sure you know, they are tasked to decide where the money goes in Maine.

But then it stood there staring straight at me. The main card in the invitation very prominently promoting Platinum $5,000+, Gold $2,000+ and Silver $1,000+ sponsors — some pretty controversial companies: Anthem, Penn National Gaming, Poland Spring, Wal*Mart, Monsanto, etc.

Hold on just a second.

Some might just say that this is the American way, or the way of politics.

I’d respond that it’s the worst of political influence, in my opinion.

Why is there no shame in the Senate Chair of the powerful Appropriations committee, which controls the purse strings of Maine, brightly promoting the significant sums of money that he/Diamond PAC are receiving, from companies not only somewhat controversial in nature but with significant financial interests in some cases in the state of Maine?

Is that what Maine has descended into?

In the last several years I have spoken with thousands of Mainers and the majority of Maine’s legislators, and Senator Diamond has, as far as I can tell, a stellar reputation among his fellow legislators.

Fairness and integrity are words I hear regularly spoken by them to describe him.

But c’mon, this is too much. It’s certainly not illegal but to my mind corporate PAC donations in fact should be.

Why shouldn’t they?

Oh, and here’s the kicker at the bottom of the card (verbatim):

“Per the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices, there is no limitation on the amount of money a contributor may give to a PAC”

Very nice.