November 18, 2019
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Bangor police K9 wreaks woman’s cupcake in ‘shark-like’ attack

Community Author: Bangor Police Department
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Bangor Police Department | Contributed
Bangor Police Department | Contributed

There are some things which come installed, standard, in our dogs.

K9 Aki is no different.

While his still-photos do give off the vibe that he is a passive, soft, and furry love bug- there is a dark truth which cannot be denied; Aki likes cupcakes.

The story cannot be told without a nod toward the woman who made the cupcakes.

I don’t know her name.

The night before last, sometime after midnight, a restless soul stopped by to see the nightcrew. She explained to Sgt. McAmbley that she has insomnia. She decided to bake cupcakes for the crew. She was determined to be productive even while tormented by the affliction that affects many Americans.

Man, those were good cupcakes.

I’m not talking a couple of cakes- she baked enough for a Saturday night grange supper.

Fast forward to mid-morning on Wednesday- Officer Fanning was working in dispatch, Aki was with her.

Magnificent Dispatcher, Katie Oakley had been able to secure a cupcake and was working of the unwrapping of same.

Aki lurked nearby.

Once Katie-O had peeled the paper back to reveal the moist and delicious flesh of the natural occurring fruit of the cupcake tree- Aki lunged forward tearing away the frosted portion in a move which can only be described as shark-like.

Jamie was preparing to photograph Katie with her cake, and we suspect it would have been a pretty funny photo (because Katie is kind of the class clown of the communications world).

Aki wrecked all that. Gone in 60 seconds (actually .6 seconds but a movie reference always makes the regulars feel part of the game).

Note that Aki is skulking, like any dog would once they realize they allowed their inner feelings to take control of their biomechanical attributes.

Katie was sad. It was all captured in this photo.

All that said, there were more cupcakes from the lady with no name and an affinity to walk with the awakened after midnight.

Her recipe is to die for; Katie-O almost did.

This is a thank you note for that woman, and a scolding for our Aki.

Good things come to those who wait, and apparently for those who don’t

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.

We will be here.



BP Duck of Justice is published occasionally in BDN Maine Weekly on Thursdays. This installment is for Sept. 5.