May 26, 2020
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Arkatechture Joins the Cooperative Credit Union Association as a Business Service Member

Community Author: Joyce Brown
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PORTLAND, Maine Arkatechture, a Portland, Maine-based technology and data consultation and services company, is pleased to announce it has joined the Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA) as a business service member in its CU Connect program.

The mutually beneficial relationship allows both parties to quickly connect and implement results-oriented, lean data solutions specifically for credit unions. The financial services industry has never been more competitive and working to streamline and improve the way credit unions use their data is key to giving them a competitive edge.

“We are excited to join the CCUA and empower their member credit unions,” said Pat Lapomarda, Director of Data Science at Arkatechture. “Whether it’s a data quality check, core conversion preparation, or data collection ahead of CECL, our success comes from helping our credit union clients better understand how they are achieving their missions through data.”

Through its CU Connect program, the CCUA creates buying power for credit unions by helping them connect with businesses offering the best value, products and services.

Specializing in lean data solutions and visual data analysis, Arkatechture serves hundreds of top local and national businesses and continually builds relationships with leading organizations like the CCUA to better serve its clients.

About Arkatechture

Arkatechture is a technology company dedicated to empowering its clients with a better understanding of their business through data. Arkatechture works with companies big and small to help solve their data challenges and shows them how to leverage their data in brand new ways. Need results-oriented, lean data solutions? Arkatechture can help. Call: 207-619-1849,  Email:, Visit: