January 19, 2020
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Are Online Degrees Viewed the Same as Traditional Degrees?

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An online degree has drawbacks and advantages. One of the main advantages is that students can work from home. With everyone already on the go and on the internet , students have more options for choice of schools and for flexibility. Students living in rural areas where there are no colleges nearby, still have access to university level coursework.
However, people look at statistics related to job placement after a student receives an online degree, and may frown upon the results. Some online schools do not have strong connections into the workplace to facilitate their graduating students in finding jobs.
A lot of the online colleges out there happen to be for-profit schools that are expensive. Some people are worried about the high number of student loan defaults tied to for-profit schools. When considering your options, take into account the cost of the schools and compare online schools like the University of Phoenix or Kaplan University with traditional bricks and mortar schools that also deliver some of their curriculum online to decide which of the schools is right for your needs.
The degrees available from some online schools are unique. The traditional college may offer a general degree in Environmental Science. A non-traditional, online school may offer something more specifically geared for a trade such as a degree in Green Energy Technology that could be helpful when you are looking for a job in the green economy. This type of Green Energy Technology degree or certificate could play a role in landing you a job at a company like Siemens. Siemens is one of the largest producers of wind turbines in the world. As a large corporation, there often are employment opportunities for technically trained people.
Hands-on Experience
Are you able to get the kind of hands on, real world experience with an online school? Make sure that you have the necessary skills to deal with people. You do need to be able to relate to people within any occupation. A student that studies Microbiology at Purdue University is going to get real world interactive lab experience. You may become a part of a team that researches many diseases through the world of science if you study Microbiology at a world-leading university.
Guidance counselors are often trained to steer students toward the traditional university or community college. Studies show that some guidance counselors are still uncomfortable with students receiving all their courses online. Since many schools now offer some of their coursework online, this is changing. Schools like DeVry University may be best for you, particularly if you want a flexible schedule and want to learn a particular skill set or acquire a specific certification.
Information Technology
Information technology is a field that will continue to grow, particularly with the evolution of 3D printing and digital manufacturing. Both online schools and traditional colleges offer computer training but learning to work in teams and work collaboratively is important.
The classroom experience provides more interaction with the instructor and other students. Historically, students learn a lot from discussions with each other on the subject matter. Highly skilled training is required and many traditional schools may be able to challenge you to work at that kind of pace.
Another positive of attending a non-traditional, online university is that they may be more prepared to offer courses dealing with electronics and new web based technologies. You do want to become comfortable with new technologies and non-traditional schooling may be the answer for you as you want to learn a new trade. People that embrace a new trade and thus new technology may be able to get in on the ground floor of the best new digital companies out there.