June 04, 2020
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“A River Unlike Any Other:” A Public Talk on the Sebasticook River

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Eco-historian Kerry Hardy will present a program about the unique attributes of the Sebasticook River and watershed—its flora, fauna, Native American, and early Euro-American history—illustrated by photographs, old maps, and analysis of Indian place names. “The Sebasticook is ‘at angles,’ both literally and figuratively, with every other major river in the state,” says Hardy. “It was also perhaps the best alewife nursery in America before industrialization. The combination of its fish, and its east-west flow, made it incredibly important to the Wabanaki people.” Hardy, author of the 2009 book Notes on a Lost Flute, specializes in examining the landscapes and languages of Dawnland, with an ecologist’s eye to how the whole bioregion functioned. His photographs, artwork, and anecdotes will touch on geology, biology, ecology, ethnology…and a few other “ologies” they haven’t yet come up with names for.