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Call Me Old-Fashioned

on Dec. 05, 2012, at 1:07 p.m.
Putting Farm and Garden Back on the Table

Maine Morsels: People, Places, Food

on Dec. 03, 2012, at 3:34 p.m.
Features about Maine places, people and relatable recipes . The field is often even narrower, a person or place here in my backyard, Otter Creek, Maine, capitol of the world and center of the universe.
Maine Chef Challenge 2012 competitors Meghan Woodbury and Jason Payne

Maine Chef Challenge 2013 – Call for Nominations

By Shelley Sund on Dec. 03, 2012, at 12:18 p.m.
BANGOR, Maine —The Eastern Maine Community College Foundation invites the public to nominate their favorite local chefs to compete in the Maine Chef Challenge 2013 being held on Friday, March 22. To submit a nomination, complete the form by clicking on the link below. (Participation restricted to those having professional culinary …

BDN Maine announces upgrade to apps

By Shelley Sund on Nov. 27, 2012, at 2:57 p.m.
The Bangor Daily News is pleased to announce an upgrade to our current apps for iOS and Android devices. Beginning today, our BDN Maine app will be available free for download in iTunes Store and Google Play. Our most recent changes to our tablet presence will make your experience much better, …

Download BDN Maine Apps

By Shelley Sund on Nov. 26, 2012, at 2:18 p.m.
The Bangor Daily News’ mobile apps keep you connected by providing you the latest news, politics, sports, living, outdoors, business and obituaries from the Portland area and around the state.BDN Maine app is free and advertising positions are available on every page. Mobile app ads are a great way to …

Oh, Honestly!

on Nov. 19, 2012, at 11:51 a.m.
A Journey into Honest Living

Would the real Lauren Cormier please stand up?

on Nov. 19, 2012, at 11:49 a.m.
I’m gonna come right out and say it: I’m a big, fat liar. My nose might not be three feet long and my pants are surprisingly cool, but the fact remains. Let me give you a couple of examples: Scene 1:  I’m going about the day with my three kiddos. …

Ready or Not

on Nov. 18, 2012, at 10:48 a.m.
I’m sitting here trying to work up the nerve to eat a piece of toast. It’s a simple enough series of actions. Bite, chew, swallow. Funny how something so seemingly insignificant can hold so much meaning. Here’s the thing: if I eat this toast, I’m forever closing a chapter in …

I Wasn’t Lying!

on Nov. 18, 2012, at 9:54 a.m.
WARNING: The images you are about to see are real.  Some may find these images frightening or disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. In case you thought I was exaggerating when I told you about my messy house, here’s proof that I wasn’t: This is our bonus room, shot from two …

My Little Brat

on Nov. 17, 2012, at 10:55 a.m.
Confession time! This will come as no great surprise to those of you who already have children, but it may be shocking to the ones who haven’t yet delved into the wonderful world of parenting. Brace yourselves, future dads and moms because here it is: Sometimes I don’t like my …

Whit Richardson

on Nov. 16, 2012, at 10:32 a.m.
Analysis, Anecdotes and Asides from Maine’s Business Landscape

Education: Future Imperfect

on Nov. 15, 2012, at 3:58 p.m.
Contemporary perspectives on education

Welcome to Edutopia

on Nov. 13, 2012, at 9:23 p.m.
First things, first. Thanks for reading my initial contribution to my first blog. I welcome your reactions and, as noted in the “About Me” section, welcome serious and respectful criticisms–more, in fact, than idle praise. Because of concerns over copyright, I have had to drop “Edutopia” as the title of …

Enter to win tickets to see Journey

By Shelley Sund on Sept. 14, 2012, at 11:11 a.m.
This is your chance to win 1 (one) of 2 (two) pairs of tickets to see Journey, Pat Benatar and Loverboy on Friday, September 28, Bangor Waterfront, 1 Railroad St, Bangor, Maine. Gates open at 5:00PM. All entries must be received no later than 12 p.m., Monday, September 24, 2012 …


on Sept. 12, 2012, at 3:04 p.m.
Monica is the editor of Fiddlehead Focus, a fast-growing and popular web and print news source in northern Aroostook County. Read about her thoughts, experiences, trials, and errors on her journey to weight loss.

Bourbon. Portland. Beer. Politics.

on Sept. 12, 2012, at 2:56 p.m.
Alex Steed has written about and engaged in politics since he was an insufferable teenage, run for the Statehouse and produced a successful web series. Read his thoughts on Portland and politics.

EMCC Foundation 2nd Annual Golf Tournament

By Shelley Sund on Sept. 12, 2012, at 8:46 a.m.
Monday, Oct. 1, 2012 12:41 p.m. to 12:41 p.m. Location: Penobscot Valley Country Club, 366 Main St,, Orono, Maine For more information: Katrina Mumford; (207) 974-4711; Join us on Monday, October 1, 2012 at Penobscot Valley Country Club for the 2nd Annual EMCC Foundation Golf Tournament! This event will …

Celtics Ticket Contest Rules and Explanation

By Shelley Sund on Sept. 10, 2012, at 3:35 p.m.
The BDN system for reporting high school games online will continue for the fall 2012 season. We are again requiring high schools to report their games on the website instead of calling or faxing us. Doing so is the best way to guarantee the game will appear on the BDN …

Just fat

on Sept. 05, 2012, at 10:06 a.m.
I began writing Heavy at the beginning of the summer as a column for Fiddlehead Focus. I’m really excited that the Bangor Daily News has picked it up as a blog. This particular piece is a re-print of my introductory column for Fiddlehead Focus. It should explain what this blog …

Songs, Dances and Music from Ireland

By Shelley Sund on July 31, 2012, at 8:47 a.m.
Friday, Aug. 3, 2012 7 p.m. to 7 p.m. Location: Fisherman’s Friend, 5 Atlantic Ave., Stonington, Maine For more information: Michael Black; 367-5050
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