When I began writing this column just over two years ago, my mission was to look at those times when life's challenges throw us into the deep end, and to show readers how to use humor and aplomb and just plain true grit not just to keep afloat practically and buoyed emotionally but to make some memorable splashes in the process. Read More
    When our kids are teenagers, we really worry about whom they hang out with, who’s driving and how good the driving is, and how much supervision they’re getting in their friends’ homes,” a friend said over lunch recently. “But think about it,” this mother of a kindergartner and… Read More
    It’s a sure sign that you are leading a far-too-busy life when it takes two black eyes to make you stop and find some time for pure relaxation. This was the case for me last week when, after surgery on both eyes, I was told to lie back… Read More
    The greeting card aisle was packed with people. The shoppers were practically rubbing shoulders as they peered at the display of countless red, pink and lacy-white valentines. It was amusing — and somewhat poignant, too — to observe the behavior of the small crowd, all of whom where… Read More
    There is something about doing without that endows a person with a surprising bounty. If that seems like a paradox, witness what’s going on in Haiti. Again and again we see the injured there surmount pain and suffering and even worry about their very lives, to demonstrate gratitude… Read More
    For too many of us, making a living — or living frugally because we are not quite making a living — consumes far too huge a portion of our lives. For some of us, that means working longer hours at a faster pace to make up for the… Read More
    This January morning in Maine, the insides of some seven windows are covered with ice, and yet, sitting here in the room I like to call my library, my right cheek seems threatened with sunburn, as the morning light pours onto me through one of my skylights. Read More
    The man on the street corner held out his arms and waved them. The motion was reminiscent of a child playfully pretending to fly. The expression on the man’s face was playful, too. He was wearing a huge smile. In the man’s left hand was a… Read More
    My attic runneth over — with junk and treasures. During recent forays into the over-full space, I came across a piece of my girlhood in the form of a plastic square edged with small, regular teeth. Picking it up, I smiled and exclaimed, “My old potholder frame!” Better… Read More
    Like so many people from Maine and elsewhere, I find myself having to look at holiday giving in a new light this year. There just isn’t the money to spend on keeping up the material generosity that marked my joy in Christmases past. Read More