Aug. 26, 2010, marks the 90th anniversary of the day American women gained the right to vote. Women in Maine and beyond are right to celebrate our foremothers’ arduous 75-year-long effort to win the basic tool of democracy that had been denied them because of their… Read More
    STONES INTO SCHOOLS: PROMOTING PEACE WITH BOOKS, NOT BOMBS, IN AFGHANISTAN AND PAKISTAN, by Greg Mortenson, 2009, Viking, hardcover, 420 pages, $26.95. Despite what The Associated Press and other news services would have readers believe, the most radical news emerging from Pakistan and Afghanistan has nothing… Read More
    The Gilpin Railroad Incident are bringing Mainers — from The County to the coast — to their feet, as such events tend to do. Fear not, gentle reader; they’re not gawking at a train wreck. Music … Read More
    WINTERPORT - Sewing machines whirred, scissors snipped and a steam iron sputtered on a recent sunny Saturday in Martha Stepp's sewing room in Newburgh. Here, Stepp and Cindy Thomas of Winterport … Read More