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From left, friends James Williams and Mark Kaufmann drink a pint of Guinness together and remember old times while celebrating St. Patricks Day at Paddy Murphy's Tuesday morning in Bangor. Kaufmann performed Irish music at 6 a.m. at Paddy Murphy's that morning.

Revelers celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Bangor

By Brian Feulner on March 17, 2015, at 1:02 p.m.
Bangor’s pubs and taverns are doing a brisk business Tuesday as regular patrons and revelers alike celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The March 17 holiday, which honors the patron saint of Ireland, is marked by music, dancing, feasting, and quaffing adult beverages.  

Climbers battle winter weather for breathtaking view from Mount Washington

on March 11, 2015, at 5 a.m.
MOUNT WASHINGTON, New Hampshire — It’s 2 degrees below zero, the winds are gusting more than 50 mph, and the view that 20 minutes ago had stretched all the way back to Portland, 70 miles away, has been reduced to less than 50 feet. I find some relief from the …

Breathtaking view on Mount Washington despite bitter cold, gusting wind

on March 11, 2015, at 5 a.m.
by Robert F. Bukaty MOUNT WASHINGTON, New Hampshire — It’s 2 degrees below zero, the winds are gusting more than 50 mph, and the view that 20 minutes ago had stretched all the way back to Portland, 70 miles away, has been reduced to less than 50 feet. I find …

Hide nor Hare, snowshoe hare hunting in Maine

By Brian Feulner on March 10, 2015, at 5:59 a.m.
Visuals Editor Brian Feulner and his blue heeler Captain hit the trail to look for snowshoe hare in Milford in early March.

Braving cold weather, photographer captures snow cave adventure

on March 04, 2015, at 4:03 p.m.
  If you follow the BDN outdoor editor John Holyoke, you likely read his story about braving a quinzhee, a type of snow shelter, at Unity College earlier this week.Story continues below advertisement. I was the photographer that traveled along on the escapade and discovered a few tips I’d like to …

Unity College students build snow shelter

By Brian Feulner on March 03, 2015, at 5:46 a.m.
Unity College students in a winter ecology class learn how to build a quinzhee, a type of snow shelter, on their Unity campus. BDN Outdoors Editor John Holyoke and Visuals Editor Brian Feulner tested the snow cave out by sleeping in it during a night of subzero temperatures.

Stunning ice-scapes on the Kenduskeag

on Feb. 24, 2015, at 5 a.m.
“Are you ready?” asked Phil Gibson, my neighbor and Tennessee native. “Yup,” I replied. “Ok, 1, 2, 3″ he counted. On three, the shutter of my Canon 5d Mark lll clicked off and echoed through the hundreds of pounds of sharp, pointed ice that was hanging over my head.Story continues …

Todd Benoit makes a toast to the BDN’s 491 Main St. building

By Brian Feulner on Feb. 18, 2015, at 10:27 a.m.
Bangor Daily News’ vice president Todd Benoit makes a toast to the BDN’s 491 Main Street building before moving to One Merchant’s Plaza in downtown Bangor.

Ice-cold dredging on the Royal River

on Feb. 17, 2015, at 5 a.m.
Robert F. Bukaty made photos of a dredging operation on the Royal River in Yarmouth, where they were deeming the anchorage basin and river channel. Bukaty photographed the crew (from Burnham Associates in Salem, Mass.) from shore on a morning when the temperature was minus 8 degrees, and from aboard the …

20% of World Press Photo contest finalists disqualified

on Feb. 13, 2015, at 12:20 p.m.
World Press Photo is one of the pinnacles of photojournalism contests. ” The 2015 Contest drew entries from around the world: 97,912 images were submitted by 5,692 press photographers, photojournalists, and documentary photographers from 131 countries. The jury gave prizes in 8 themed categories to 42 photographers of 17 nationalities from: …

Herd of Houlton horses head for the hills

By Brian Feulner on Feb. 11, 2015, at 5:28 a.m.
A herd of 25 ponies broke loose from their pasture on Route 1 on the Houlton-Littleton town line and hit the open road.
Fishermen on the coast of Vinalhaven in 1936. From Richard Burton's Flickr collection, rich701.

Remembering Vinalhaven’s past

By Brian Feulner on Jan. 31, 2015, at 5:51 a.m.
About five years ago, while in New Jersey, Richard Burton stumbled upon hundreds of images of Vinalhaven, Maine. “There were 50 rolls of 35mm film in two metal boxes,” Burton said. “One box was marked ‘Vinal.’” The dealer at the flea market who sold the photos to Burton said he …

Time-lapse of Bangor’s blizzard of 2015

By Brian Feulner on Jan. 28, 2015, at 1:06 p.m.
A time-lapse of the Bangor blizzard of 2015 shows the snow accumulation and public works crews plowing the roads on Main Street in Bangor.

Sports Illustrated firing entire photo staff is a bad idea

on Jan. 24, 2015, at 8:37 a.m.
Sports Illustrated announced that they fired their entire staff of 6 remaining photographers on Friday. Bottom line, bad idea. By putting good photographers out of work in the name of saving money from cutting things like benefits and a steady revenue stream, S.I. is hurting the same industry that made them a publishing …

A collection of Maine adventure images from BDN photographers

on Jan. 15, 2015, at 12:25 a.m.
Yvonne Chouinard, Lewiston native and founder of Patagonia, coined the phrase “conquerors of the useless” in reference to the personally rewarding feats that he and his compatriots tried to tackle during outdoor adventures decades ago. Those feats included climbing El Capitan, a 3,000 foot monolith and one of Yosemite’s most sought after big …

Freezing photographers: How we deal with winter

on Jan. 08, 2015, at 12:14 p.m.
If you work as a photographer in Maine, for at least 5 months out of the year you’re going to be working in the cold. Once nature’s air conditioner comes on there’s a lot to think about before heading outside. First there’s our comfort. We’re constantly going from a 70 degree …

Maine photographer shares experience covering Ebola epidemic, says health care workers’ efforts ‘nothing short of heroic’

on Jan. 02, 2015, at 5 a.m.
Michael G. Seamans is a photojournalist based in Waterville, Maine. He traveled to Sierra Leone from Maine in December 2014. The below questions were asked by visuals editor Brian Feulner as part of a QnA with the photographer. As a photographer what was your goal of this trip? The goal …
Jacob Daigle, 13, of Wallagrass helps in the Martin Farm potato house where the crop is stored until shipping in this September 2014 file photo.  The Martin family farm used to produce much more potatoes but the lack of demand effected them as well as the largest of farm in the region.  They will produce about 1200 barells of potatos this year.

The year in photos: Top BDN pictures of 2014

By Brian Feulner on Dec. 31, 2014, at 7:05 p.m.
2014 was an incredible year to be a photographer at the BDN. We produced several digital projects and had the opportunity to experiment with different ways of telling stories in a constantly changing digital landscape. As photographers, our focus isn’t just about the moment anymore. In today’s world, our jobs …

Giant hole opens up on Hammond Street in Bangor

By Brian Feulner on Dec. 30, 2014, at 11:25 a.m.
A massive hole opened up on Hammond Street in Bangor closing part of the street and police redirecting traffic. Bangor Public Works Director Dana Wardwell said the hole was caused by 24 by 30 inch 1870s sewer pipe that collapsed.

Ukeleles rock Rockland

By Brian Feulner on Dec. 29, 2014, at 3:30 p.m.
The group UkesROCK gets together weekly at Gordon Page’s downtown office overlooking Main Street in Rockland.