March 25, 2019
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Wednesday, March 6, 2019: All about profit, make every vote matter, will Massachusetts pay for it?

All about profit

Gov. Janet Mills has recently come out in support of Central Maine Power’s NECEC project. These are my concerns.

One, during the campaign Mills stated, “Until CMP demonstrates that their transmission line proposal offers concrete and long-term benefits to the people of Maine, rather than just to Quebec and Massachusetts, I have very serious questions about the proposal.” Mills apparently flipped on the issue after a meeting with CMP. The company has not demonstrated any long-term benefits to Mainers.

Two, Mills states that “ we cannot afford to do nothing” in regard to our carbon emissions. Hydro-Quebec is already up and running — they are already selling their power to New York. There may be no global net decrease in carbon emissions; there could actually be an increase once nearly 2,000 acre’s of Maine have been clear-cut.

Three, Vermont has all the permits lined up and is ready to go with a similar project. Clear-cutting acres of continuous forest, ruining native brook trout habitat, destroying deer wintering areas, and constructing 100-foot towers through some of the most scenic areas of Maine is cheaper. Don’t believe CMP or Mills — this is not about the environment, this is all about profit.

Joe Cousins


Will Massachusetts pay for it?

I read the article about CMP’s meeting in Farmington where John Carroll, spokesman for CMP, told the people that this was a good deal because Massachusetts was going to pay for it. Sounds a lot like another promise I heard about Mexico paying for a wall.

The people who are really paying for this line are Maine landowners, Maine workers who will lose jobs because Massachusetts will not buy the power from their power generators but from a Canadian corporation — not to mention every hunter, fisherman, hiker and anybody else who enjoys the scenery and serenity of being alone without the congestion of cities and towns.

This line is not and never has been a good deal for Maine, and our governor should remember what she said while campaigning — and not support this project.

Emery Deabay


Make every vote matter

It is critical to our democracy that every citizen’s vote has value, and is felt by the voter to have value. Enacting a national popular vote will ensure that every vote has value; and is not lost due to the particular majority party of the voting district. No longer will Piscatiquis Democrats or York Republicans have reason to say, “My vote doesn’t matter.”

Elections for federal and state legislators, governor, selectpersons, mayors and school board members are won by the candidate winning the most votes. There’s no credible reason why the presidency should be decided by a different or lesser standard.

The national popular vote favors the voter, not any party. Republicans in majority Democratic areas and Democrats in majority Republican areas will have their votes tallied into their candidate’s national vote. The winning candidate will have actually won the most votes cast nationally. Imagine that.

And candidates will seek votes in all states — including Maine — not just swing states. A president governs the country, not select states. Winning the national popular vote is the only fair standard for electing the president.

Lori Calderone

Dover Foxcroft


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