January 16, 2019
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Monday, Jan. 7, 2018: Salmon plant opportunities, vaping ads are wrong, help US before Israel

Vaping ads are wrong

The BDN has carried full pages ads from JUUL hawking their product as a way to quit smoking. There is a huge warning at the top of the page that the product contains nicotine and that nicotine is an addictive chemical. A recent ad was on Page A7. Interestingly, the lead article on that day’s Page C1 was the surgeon general’s warning of the risks to teens from vaping. That risk also applies to adults.

JUUL’s ad says it is intended for adult smokers, but to me that is beside the point. We all know that kids use the product, too. In fact, JUUL’s online advertising, as the article points out, is directed at young people, making the device seem hip and those who use it, attractive.

It is sad that the BDN feels that this advertisement from JUUL is acceptable given what we know about its detrimental effects. Yes, I know it’s a legal product — so are cigarettes and alcohol, though their advertising is not permitted. But JUUL’s gadget is a harmful product, no matter who uses it, and I feel the promotion of it is a poor choice for the BDN.

Martha B. Higgins


US interests before Israel

While little of benefit to everyday Americans has made it through our divided Congress for at least a decade, this AIPAC-bullied body has quietly united to support our international-scofflaw “allies,” such as when Congress passed the U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014.

More recently, the Yemen rider attached to this year’s Farm Bill insures our continued support of Saudi Arabia’s destruction of Yemen. And the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, which may be appended to an Appropriations bill, would make it illegal for Americans engaged in interstate or foreign commerce to sign onto any Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions-type boycott of Israeli products — related to their illegal and inhumane treatment of the Palestinians. There may still be time to urge Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to vote against any act that has this racist and unconstitutional rider attached to it.

From now on, Americans must elect politicians who will promise to put our interests and values first, not those of foreign bullies.

Melodie Greene


Salmon plants offer opportunities

Our communities on Penobscot Bay have an opportunity. As do the companies that wish to create profitable businesses on our shores. What’s needed is for companies to implement reasonable plans.

The facility at Bucksport is a great plan. Pump effluent into greenhouses or simple ponds for edibles or estuary plants. On Feb. 22, the BDN reported “Piasio said Whole Oceans was aware of that contamination and that the water will be thoroughly filtered to remove any metals before being pumped into the fish tanks.”

The current Bucksport plan includes no filtering of mercury, a steady discharge of millions of gallons at the mouth of the bay, just upstream from the wall of cold salt water holding back 19 tons of toxins. Every fisher, seafood grower and recreational user of the Bay has a stake in this permit.

In Belfast, the plan could’ve been better. Locate the facility on the 100 acre plot in the already zoned Airport Growth Area near the industrial park, transfer station and Duck Trap Seafood. There is room for all buildings and groundwater recharge ponds, to replenish the aquifer and provide eco-habitat.

Opportunities abound. Required is the will, foresight, and good management practices to capitalize on them.

Holly Faubel



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