A 6-year-old boy was dragged more than 100 feet by a school bus in Buxton.

The incident happened on Thursday when the kindergarten student’s backpack got caught in the door of the bus as he was getting off it. The child became stuck, and the bus began to drive down the street, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The child was dragged between 100 and 200 feet before the driver noticed that the boy’s mother was running alongside the bus trying to get it to stop, the Press Herald reported.

The Press Herald reported there were about 29 students on board the bus at the time.

The boy is reportedly a student at Buxton Center Elementary School.

The superintendent told the Press Herald he did not appear to be seriously hurt but was brought to Maine Medical Center in Portland to get checked out.

The superintendent also said the school district will work with police to figure out how this happened.

Counselors will be available Friday to meet with students who witnessed the incident on the bus.