A border dispute between a pair of Maine towns could end up being resolved in court.

York and Kittery officials disagree about whether the border between the southern Maine communities is a straight line or more of a meandering one. Maps, drawn by the towns in the late 18th century, differ on the subject.

The discrepancies between the maps seemed to go unnoticed until just a few years ago, the Portland Press Herald reported. York filed a complaint in York County Superior Court in February that asked a judge to appoint commissioners to settle the dispute.

Kittery Town Manager Kendra Amaral said in late March that the town “will vigorously defend its borders.” An attorney for the town has also said York’s desired change would affect at least 25 residential properties.

Disputes about municipal borders don’t typically go to court in Maine. Kittery has asked the court to dismiss York’s complaint, and a decision on that motion could be a month or more away.