In this 2019 photo, Rachel Anderson of West Baldwin shows off the 15-point, 181-pound deer she shot. Credit: Courtesy of Rachel Anderson

Deer hunting in Maine can be challenging.

If you pursue the elusive whitetail, you know it’s true.

During 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic got more Mainers out into the woods, there was a 7.3 percent increase in hunting licenses purchased. That meant 130,781 people at least intended to hunt.

Last year, 33,157 deer were tagged by the state’s hunters during all seasons: bow and arrow, crossbow, regular firearm and muzzleloader. That was the most in 18 years.

Even so, during the last three years, only 15 to 17 percent of active hunters in Maine successfully harvest a deer in a given year.

That’s why we want to see your deer photos. Big, small, buck, doe — it doesn’t matter. Even though it is the delicious venison that we hunters crave, we’re all entitled to show off the results of our scouting, hard work and patience.

Send your deer photos to Please include your name and hometown, the deer’s weight and, for bucks, any pertinent antler details such as number of points or spread measurements.

We won’t run photos that are overly graphic.

In the meantime, good luck out there!

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Pete Warner

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