Two men were arrested Wednesday after they allegedly stripped a vehicle of its catalytic converter in Fairfield.

Matthew Flanders, 35, of Athens and David Norrie, 46, of Palmyra were charged with theft and criminal mischief, according to Officer Casey Dugas, a spokesperson for the Fairfield Police Department.

A man returned to his Main Street home after work about 8:02 to find a GMC pickup truck in his driveway. While talking with its driver, another man walked out from behind his home allegedly with a catalytic converter in his hand, got into the truck and left.

The man followed the two suspects, giving dispatchers updates about their location, Dugas said Thursday morning.

The two suspects were found on River Road in Benton, where Fairfield police officers stopped them. The passenger fled into a nearby backyard, but was later caught, Dugas said. The stolen catalytic converter was later recovered from the truck, Dugas said.

Flanders and Norrie were arrested and taken to the Fairfield Police Department, from where they were later released on bail.

They were scheduled to appear in Skowhegan District Court on those charges at 1 p.m. Jan. 22, 2022.