Supporters of "No CMP Corridor" attend a rally after submitting more than 75,000 signatures to election officials at the State Office Building, Monday, Feb. 3, 2020, in Augusta, Maine. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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I believe an ad by Hydro-Quebec stokes fear that the people – as in the “We the People” – might have some say in planning our energy future rather than leave that planning to the “experts.” Here’s the deal: I think these are experts whose interests are incompatible with “We the People” and are serving some other interest. No surprise that this other interest is wealth – those who have much of it and want much more.

There is an alternative way, a democratic way, to develop electrical infrastructure in this world and in this state without fragmenting habitats and crisscrossing natural landscapes. Efficient and affordable homestead-scale energy generation and storage technologies can be prioritized in developing our energy future. Interconnected single homes and microgrids can wrest control of our electricity usage from privately governed for-profit entities, like Iberdrola, as they hover above democracy and trickle to us commoners their pitiful portfolio of bad management, poor service and reliability while lavishing themselves and their investors with maximized unearned incomes.

Jevons paradox” observes that technological gains in efficiency tend to be outpaced by demand to consume. I believe the biggest threat to environmental sustainability is the insatiable appetite of the wealthy to consume. The most environmental choice is yes on Question 1 to stop the corridor.

Eben Rose

South Portland

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