A beautiful bobcat strolls across the snow in this trail camera photo captured last February in Porter. Credit: Courtesy of Kevin Mowry

It’s hunting season for black bears and deer (archery), which means there are a lot of game cameras strapped to trees across the state.

It also means there should be plenty of opportunities for Bangor Daily News readers to share their photos and videos with us.

With winter approaching fast and wild animals gearing up to prepare for cold weather and snow, they’re super active in search of food.

So maybe you have already had some interesting recent sightings on your trail camera. Deer, bears, moose, turkeys, porcupines, fishers, bobcats and coyotes all have been featured among the cool shots you have provided.

We even had eagles, owls, hawks, woodchucks and skunks, along with a few mystery beasts that had us all guessing.

It’s time to start sending us more of them!

Readers had an incredible response to our trail camera offerings earlier this year, leading us to realize that Mainers, and people from all over the country, want to see what kind of critters are creeping around in the woods.

So, consider this a challenge to send in your photos and join in on the fun.

Perhaps surprisingly, one of the most-photographed animals among trail camera submissions was the bobcat. They’re pretty stealthy, so that’s not one you would expect to see sitting on your lawn.

The trail camera offering that accompanies today’s story is another gorgeous bobcat. This photo was sent in by Kevin Mowry, whose camera captured this one last February outside their home in Porter, which is located in southwestern Maine near the New Hampshire border.

“We anticipated a photo of a porcupine based on the number of tracks in the snow indicating frequent use of the area. The Bobcat was a surprise,” Mowry said of the cat, which is sporting a full winter coat and seems unaware of the camera’s presence.

Thanks to Kevin for the great photo!

Do you have an outdoors photo or video to share? Send it to outdoors@bangordailynews.com and tell us, “I consent to the BDN using my photo.” If you are unable to view the photo or video mentioned in this story, go to bangordailynews.com/outdoors

Pete Warner

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