Red potatoes grown in Aroostook County are pictured after their harvest. Credit: Jen Lynds / BDN

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I am 19 years old, a new voter, and would like to voice my support for the right to food amendment to Maine’s Constitution that will be on the ballot this November. The language of this resolution is clear: we all have a “natural, inherent and unalienable” right to food. As human beings, we have a right to control how we nourish ourselves, and we cannot allow corporations that practice animal cruelty, environmental unsustainability, and violate the human rights of their workers to monopolize our food systems. 

The right to food movement has been cultivated by small Maine farmers who care for and feed their communities, fostering systems that empower each and every Mainer to protect our earth, animals, and each other. It doesn’t get much more grass-roots than this. Let’s increase the resilience and stability of our food systems, push back against corporate control and secure the right to food for all generations to come. It starts by voting yes on Question 3.

Anna Trowbridge


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