In Mind and Memory | the Remarkable Will of Quash, a Black Man in 18th century Topsham

What: Each Friday, Maine Conservation Voters hosts a one-hour webinar focused on important and timely topics. In the spring of 2020, while working on a genealogy project in the history of a local white family, independent researcher James Tanzer came across a digital copy of the will of a formerly enslaved Black man named Quash, who lived in Topsham, Maine during the eighteenth century. Eager to learn more about Quash, but unable to find any mention of him in local history books, James decided to research Quash’s life himself. By searching for evidence in Quash’s surroundings, including town records and social connections, not only was James able to find direct evidence of Quash’s life, but build a vibrant picture of a well-connected, motivated, and successful individual, whose story adds weight to arguments that Black history is there to be found, if only we know where and how to look.

When: Friday, Oct. 22, 12-1 p.m.

Where: Online. This is a free event, but you must register to join. Click here to register.