The Maine State Police Troop E barracks in Bangor. Credit: Natalie Williams / BDN

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In this time of great uncertainty, we are humbled by one of the most noble and most selfless acts by two good samaritans, which occurred on Sept. 28, 2020. State of Maine trooper Brian Creamer responded to a call for a life-threatening situation of a young woman who was having a hard time navigating her car on Interstate 95 between Newport and Bangor. She was weaving from side to side. Officer Creamer was alerted by a good samaritan who was staying in line with her while the officer got in front of her car and somehow was able to stop her car, call an ambulance and get her to Northern Light Hospital in time to save her young life of 25 years. She was having a major stroke! This was an AVM; she was born with arterial venous malformation.

This beautiful young woman is our granddaughter. She is the mother of a darling 3-year-old boy. She was in an induced coma for three weeks, then she was airlifted to Boston to have a very necessary surgery. It was a success, and after several days she was flown back to Northern Light Hospital for more weeks of physical therapy and speech therapy and several more surgeries. She was out of the hospital just before Christmas but had to go back in for one more surgery. Her mother never left her side. Her sisters and the entire family, including an RN and friends were so supportive and caring and loving.

We feel we are so blessed to have such well-trained state police and caring good samaritans.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ann and Henry Lanford