An artist's rendition of Westbrook's Rock Row development. Credit: Courtesy of Waterstone Properties / CBS 13

Construction for a medical and research campus will push back some other projects in Westbrook’s Rock Row.

When first making plans for the city’s Rock Row, they didn’t have a major medical and research campus on the books, according to Greg John, the chief marketing officer of Waterstone Properties, which is the owner and developer of Rock Row.

Now that they do, he said it’s a good thing as it will add to Rock Row as being a place of innovation.

“The medical and research campus there. We had to move some things around and that requires infrastructure changes, street changes, sewer changes, going to the city for permitting, things like that. That’s why even though we’re way ahead of schedule on a big bulk of rock row we had to move some things around,” John said.

He said preparation work for the medical and research campus is underway, and the construction will start in a matter of months, with plans to open in late 2023.