BRUNSWICK — Some Brunswick High School football players are permanently off the team.

This comes as the district investigates allegations of hazing and harassment.

But school officials still won’t say what exactly happened during a football retreat this summer.

“I want to reassure everyone it was a thorough, independent investigation,” Brunswick School Department Superintendent Phil Potenziano said.

When CBS13 talked to Potenziano Friday morning, he was still waiting on a report into the allegations.

“The intention is to review the investigation. Report the findings and then take further steps upon reviewing the investigation,” Potenziano said.

Potenziano told CBS13 that on Sept. 8, he learned of an incident that happened during an August football team retreat at Thomas Point Beach & Campground.

About two weeks later, on Sept. 23, he was made aware of new details from an ongoing investigation. Then, he decided to put Varsity Head Coach Dan Cooper and Assistant Coach Greg Nadeau on non-disciplinary administrative leave from their coaching responsibilities.

In a letter to the community on Sept. 24, he announced the varsity homecoming game would be canceled because of the seriousness of the alleged violations of school conduct rules. He’s since decided to resume practice, starting on Sept. 28.

“Allowing those members of the team to play games, practice, in my opinion, my decision was the best for those students,” Potenziano said.

On Facebook, some families expressed support for the team while the behavior was under investigation.

“As I’ve said before, zero tolerance. But zero tolerance doesn’t mean that everybody on the team has to not participate or have future practices or future games,” Potenziano said.

Now the students involved have been removed from the team. The superintendent says no additional steps have been taken at this time.

The Brunswick Police Department is conducting an ongoing investigation into this matter.