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Grateful for health and front line workers

In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic that is costing so many in so many ways, Acadia

Friends (Quaker) Meeting, as a community animated by faith, is led to express our gratitude.

We are deeply grateful that there are so many medical personnel and other front line workers

who continue to provide health care and other kinds of service in the face of often very

challenging work conditions and risks to their own health and life.

We are profoundly grateful as well to those who have worked so hard to provide the scientific

tools and technology to reverse the spread of the epidemic.

Public health is a common good of benefit to all of us. To secure this common good, it is essential that we each do our part by getting vaccinated when appropriate and practicing social distancing.

We invite all in our community to hold our health care and other service workers in the Light as we struggle to deal with this epidemic.

Mary Booher


Carol Woolman


Acadia Friends (Quaker) Meeting

Bar Harbor

Don’t forget about seniors

I am responding to a  letter in the BDN on Sept. 24 regarding the continued child tax credit that would make things easier for families without worrying about meeting essential needs. It should also be understood that many seniors are struggling to survive on Social Security.

After working in the health care field for almost 30 years, I have met many seniors who have had to make difficult choices of buying groceries, paying for utilities, and buying their medications. Sadly, their income just does not cover all of their expenses. They have worked most of their lives contributing to Social Security and should have the assurance they will be taken care of.

Living expenses are costly; however, we should not expect the government to subsidize every ideal.

Catherine Steeves


Thoughts for safer roads

The BDN’s recent editorial about pedestrian deaths was spot on. There are a few additions that I feel are important and contribute to the problem.

First and foremost is that vehicle drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists often do not obey basic “rules of the road.” Yes, drivers drive too fast and are often inattentive (myself included). Both pedestrians and cyclists are too often walking or riding on the wrong side of the road. Cyclists do not use hand signals when changing lanes or turning.

Possibly each spring and again in mid-summer the BDN should print a single page, 8.5 inch by 11 inch flyer in large print about the proper side to walk, cycle and drive .

Always walk facing oncoming traffic; cyclists ride with traffic; vehicle drivers slow down and pay attention. If this stops even one accident, it would be worth it!

Tony Wilson


Don’t get between women and their doctors

Abortion. It’s in the news, again. People need to stop trying to interfere with women having conversations with their doctors. Abortion is one of the most difficult life or death decisions a woman can make.

We are fortunate to have professionals capable of providing this service safely. There are as many reasons for considering abortion as there are abortions being performed. It is no one else’s business where those conversations lead. These families need support and compassion, not judgment and condemnation.

Jeanne Cameron