Orono 4, George Stevens Academy 2

Match well played by both teams. Orono got the difference using short passes as well as long passes, surprising the opponents defense.

Riots’ Adam Henderson, Pierce Walston, Hashim Wise and Ben Francis kept GSA defense and goalie very busy. First 40 minutes ended with two goals by Walston and one by Francis.

Fifty seconds into the second half, Walston got a long pass from Francis for a breakaway and with a shot from the tip of the 18th makes the score 4-0.

The Eagles never gave up keeping the team on constant attack. The clock read 21:36 and GSA’s Arden Weaver got awarded a shot from the penalty dot. Keeper Aicea-Santiago guessed the shot well but not enough, for a well-executed goal.

Eagle Monte Weaver with a long shot surprised Orono’s keeper for a final 4-2 score.

Red Riot’s goalie had nine saves and the Eagle keeper had four saves.