By Katie Smith

We all need a retreat in our home. Whether it’s a small corner or an entire room, it can make all the difference when you have a place you can go to and completely unwind.

Why not make that place your bedroom? After all, rest is one of the most important things when it comes to our health. How nice is it to wake up and feel calm and happy in your surroundings before you start a busy day?

Turning your bedroom into a sanctuary doesn’t have to be time consuming, nor does it have to cost a lot of money. Here are a few tips that go a long way when it comes to turning your bedroom into the most coveted space in your home this winter.


Think about what kind of lighting you’d like in your boudoir. Do you prefer dark and moody, or do you like it to be as light and bright as possible? Maybe you feel best when you’re around pops of color. 

If you are going for light, whites and off whites will make your space look bigger and brighter. If you prefer something a bit more moody, grays are a great neutral that are cozy and will go with any decor — whatever makes you feel most alive, do that. 

The walls that surround you can quickly be changed out by paint. The investment is small, but the payoff is huge. And if you aren’t interested in painting your entire space, work on one accent wall. It will give your room the pop of color which just might be the perfect thing to cheer you up during the darker months of winter. 


When it comes to sheets and blankets, there is no right or wrong color nor is it necessary to change it for each season (unless you want to of course). If you love your lighter linen bedspread, layer it with cozy knit blankets when it gets chilly to warm it up a bit. 

Lots of pillows also give your bed that “Get in here and get comfy” vibe we all want to see at the end of a long, chilly day. It can make your bed a great place to read, sit and talk, and of course curl up and watch your favorite movie or television show.


Even if you have carpet in your room, layering rugs is a quick, stylish fix if you are looking to add some drama to your bedroom. Think of different textures and patterns — you don’t have to be matchy-matchy here. This is a great way to change things up in your space without redoing your entire floor. 


Don’t be afraid to mix metals like silver, gold and bronze. They are all neutrals so they all go together. In the fall it’s nice to bring in some woven textures like baskets for plants to warm up your space. When it comes to fabrics you can mix them all. Silk pillow cases are a great compliment to faux fur blankets. Flannel is great with a heavy knit blanket. Leather throw pillows are a great way to winterize your bedroom.


If you want some greenery in your room, replace the fresh cut bouquets of flowers and herbs with faux plants. You don’t have to worry about watering them, or wonder if they will get enough sun in the winter. These days faux plants look so real, no one will be able to tell the difference and it makes you feel like you have life in your room all year long.


It’s easy to let our bedrooms become a catch-all and close the door. However, think about how good you feel when you retire each night and wake up in the morning to a clean room. Find a place where you can store the laundry basket, papers, books and anything else that makes you feel overwhelmed. Once it has a designated area, it will become much easier to keep up with the messes that can get created in the bedroom in a matter of minutes.

A good rule to follow is there are no rules. Bedrooms are very personal and there are no right or wrongs when it comes to choosing your favorite things. Make sure you choose colors, accessories and finishes that make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

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