ELLSWORTH — The Heart of Ellsworth board is pleased to announce the first student program — Heart of Ellsworth Board of Directors student position. 

Student voice is vital for the future of Ellsworth and the development of the Heart of Ellsworth board. Applications are now open for the first student member to join the board of directors. Applications close on Oct. 9.

This volunteer position includes one board meeting per month plus involvement in events and programs that take place during the calendar year. Each student is expected to attend hour and a half long monthly board meetings (in person and on Zoom), check email and be an engaged participant at board meetings. 

The Heart of Ellsworth seeks to fill one voting student member position who will join the Board as a high school junior or senior level and serve for a one year appointment subject to reappointment in year two. At all times, the Heart of Ellsworth board will have one high school junior or senior member. 

This is an extraordinary opportunity for Ellsworth area students to practice civic engagement while serving their town and learning how to be an active leader in the community. 

To apply go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13FA23EKk3d394SV_Dvxqchx8t3KKn9MTQkxhyAHkLs0/edit   

To learn more about Heart of Ellsworth go to https://www.heartofellsworth.org/ .