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What are our priorities

It has been said that if you want to know where one’s priorities are, see where they spend their money. To that end, we, as a society, seem to have made a most disheartening statement in awarding the Bangor Waterfront Entertainment almost 10 million of our tax dollars to make up for lost business during the pandemic.

Nothing against this group or the arts, but come on, people. Ten million dollars would go a long way to help solve some affordable housing and food insecurity issues in Bangor’s area. We should be ashamed, and at the same time, question the priorities or the politicians who give our tax money away like that.

Fred Newman


Don’t be afraid to teach hard issues

The  recent letter in the BDN from Doc Wallace concerning “critical race theory” is quite enlightening. As a retired physician, I thought that I was wearing a mask indoors to protect my health, that of my wife, and any member of the public that I might expose to COVID-19 were I to become an asymptomatic carrier. It turns out, however, that I am actually a “virtue-signaling masker.”

Although I am vaccinated, no one ever claimed that the vaccines were 100 percent effective and I see no reason to take chances with a potentially lethal infection.

Wallace goes on with a vociferous denunciation of critical race theory. CRT is an exceedingly complex and nuanced area of study, well beyond the scope of this letter. As our teachers address the many issues raised by CRT, I have confidence that they will not reduce it to “white children are bad.”

I do feel that it is time to teach our children that the 13th Amendment ending slavery did not put an end to oppression of African Americans in this country. Progress has been made, but people of color remain at a disadvantage socially, economically, and politically, largely as an ongoing result of barriers put in place during the Jim Crow era. We should not be afraid to teach our children about these issues. How else can we equip them to deal with the problems that still divide our society?

David L. Levy


Get vaccinated

I’m a retired middle and high school teacher and farmer. Sometimes, over my 36-year career, I’d play a Mozart piano concerto while giving a quiz. The first time I did it, the kids would laugh.

“You’re stuck being smart,” I’d say. “You’re choosing ignorance.”

Get a vaccination. Make the right choice. You might live to see your kids grow up and listen to Mozart. Or join ’em on their farm.

Dick Hoyt