BRIDGEWATER, Maine — A Maine State Police trooper in Aroostook County recorded a spectacular sight on Monday when a high voltage transmission line caught fire in Bridgewater.

In the video, bright flashes and showering sparks can be seen as smoke from a fire on the ground plumes over the transmission line. The power line is owned by Versant Power, which supplies most of the electricity in northern Maine.

Bridgewater Fire Department mostly cordoned off the area until the fire died out on its own. Traffic along Route 1, the location of the fire, was not blocked off.

The cause of the fire appears to be from a failed insulator from a cross beam section of the transmission line, according to Bridgewater Fire Chief Troy Bradstreet.

“The video pretty much says it all,” Bradstreet said. “We just contained the area until Versant Power got on the scene.”

Versant is investigating the cause of the insulator failure, according to spokesperson Marissa Minor. No power outages have been reported as a result of the fire.