Last Ditch Racing at the 2019 New England Forest Rally. Credit: Courtesy of Last Ditch Racing

John Cassidy IV and his son, John Cassidy V, will be taking on the trials and trails at the New England Forest Rally 2021 in Newry along with 82 other entries competing at the regional and national level.

Cassidy will join three other Maine-based teams at the rally, which will be held July 30-31.

These are Robert and Nathan Sockalexis of Old Town in a 1995 Subaru Impreza; Mike White of Camden, with co-driver Geoff Clark in a 1994 Saab 900; and Tyler Saunders of Ellsworth, with co-driver William Doyle in a 2001 Subaru RS.

For Bangor’s Cassidy, this will be his 22nd New England Forest Rally. Eighteen of those have been aboard T4, his 2003 Subaru Impreza. Cassidy and helpers have been busy preparing for the rally which at times looks like preparation for a traveling circus.

Fans can get an idea of the work that goes into preparing for a rally by following Cassidy on social media. “Fueled everything but the RV. Maybe a trip over to Dysarts later tonight,” he wrote on social media. “Got the tow bar set and adjusted for the Mini. Tested the wireless towing lights. They work awesome.”

Cassidy’s son, Cassidy V, is a technician at Vermont Sports Car in Milton, Vermont. He obtained permission to co-drive with his father even though they will compete against his employer.

Among Cassidy’s goals for the New England Forest Rally are finishing the race, be fast in places the team expects to be fast, and avoid any major repairs so he can prepare for Climb to the Clouds, which starts Aug. 13.

Cassidy’s race team name is Last Ditch Racing. The pit crew this year will include Jon Bolduc, Jake Davee and Casey Keyler, all from Bangor. Hazen Grass from Kenduskeag will join them as well. Cassidy credits his wife Dana as the best supporter of all and the person who will coordinate the behind the scenes jobs needed to make this adventure happen.

Tom Hale, Up North Motorsports

Tom Hale of Westmanland is a Bangor Daily News motorsports contributor and the author of UpNorth Motorsports. His columns highlight numerous aspects of the people involved in car building, auto racing...