For the second time in two weeks, vandals have targeted Paris' Moore Park playground, damaging equipment and gates. Credit: Courtesy of the Paris Police Department

For the second time in two weeks, vandals hit Paris’ Moore Park playground, breaking more children’s toys and other property there.

Vandals broke a lock securing a gate, the gate itself, another playground toy and tore down caution tape, according to the Paris Police Department, which believes this latest act of destruction happened Saturday night.

Last week, a parent discovered that bolts and screws had been removed from numerous pieces of playground equipment, including a gate at a slide and climbing station.

That prompted town officials to close the playground off Route 26 while they waited for replacement parts from the manufacturer.

Paris police said Monday the closure was initially expected to last six to eight weeks, but now after this latest act of vandalism, the playground will remain closed even longer.

No suspects have been identified, and anyone with information about this vandalism can contact the Paris Police Department or Town Office. Police said tipsters can remain anonymous.