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Gratitude for Afghanistan veterans

The Bangor Daily News recently wrote an excellent editorial about how we should be grateful to the veterans of World War II. Americans should also be reminded to express the same gratitude to the veterans of the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

In 2001 and 2002, American forces succeeded in their mission to remove the Taliban from power and to destroy the Al Qaeda base camps in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, a brief successful mission became a long 20-year unsuccessful war. In the coming months, the Taliban, who I think are religious barbarians, will likely retake control of Afghanistan.

The political leaders in the Bush and Obama administrations failed in their oversight of the war. The American military forces and their NATO allies did not fail; they fulfilled their pledge to duty, honor and country; and Americans should show gratitude for their service in the 20-year war.

We should also show gratitude to the Afghan civilians who served with our military forces and give them and their families an opportunity to resettle in America. America will be enriched by Afghan refugees just as we were enriched by the Vietnamese refugees after the Vietnam War.

Stephen Freeman

Presque Isle

Prioritize the poor in media coverage

The hyped media coverage of the tiny protests in Cuba is a sharp contrast to the relatively scant coverage of the  massive farmers protests in India, the economic justice protests in Columbia, and the protests for sovereignty and stability in Haiti for the last three years.

In my opinion, only when it serves U.S. imperial interests does the U.S. media cover protests. Right-wing Cuban exiles in south Florida exert a disproportionate amount of influence in D.C. and in the media. 

The same Cuban exiles who support these tiny protests are the same group that lobbies for sanctions  against their homeland — sanctions that cause the very issues being raised by these small groups of protesters.

The U.S. media needs to prioritize poor and working class values. Where are the stories about the damage U.S. sanctions are causing in Cuba and all over the world? The Cuban government delivers  free health care to all its citizens. Does the U.S.?

To me, the U.S. media is so biased towards the monied interests of lobbyists and destructive forces that it has lost all credibility.

Andrew Funaro


Climate change hysteria

Frederick Ashmore’s recent comments against carbon credits and how climate change fleeces the public (in the BDN on July 5) is true and timely. He notes that carbon credits are a “…big ponzi scam…” Again correct.

Because of climate change hysteria, citizens will be saddled with more regulations, higher taxes, and nothing will happen. As some scientists and realists have argued, climate change has always happened and always will. Man can do nothing about it.

God created the climate and God is in charge of it. One of the first noted climate changes was  2,000 years ago. In the 1800s, some years had no summer. In the 1900s and 1990s there were hot and cold periods and we lived with them.

Tax money allocated for climate change must be spent on infrastructure, elderly and law enforcement to do the most good for all people.

Fred Hartman