An Augusta man died Saturday night after he crashed into the woods near the intersection of Bartlett and Wing Mills Roads in Manchester, police said.

Police saw Mark Sousa, 44, eastbound on Route 202 on a motorcycle earlier in the evening travelling at an estimated speed of more than 100 mph. After attempting to stop the motorcycle, police decided not to pursue it due to its increased speed. The motorcycle was then found in a parking lot near the Augusta/Manchester town line while Sousa was seen running into the woods, police said.

The owner of the motorcycle indicated that he was in the process of selling it to Sousa, police said.

A few hours later, Sousa was spotted driving on the Burns Road in his 2008 Volkswagen Jetta. Police attempted to stop Sousa, but he took off at high speeds with the headlights turned off on the Prescott Road, police said.

Police received reports of a crash near Bartlett Road and Wings Mills Road around the same time that tire tracks were seen veering off into the woods in that same area. The Volkswagen was found a considerable distance in the woods with Sousa’s body found in a field nearby, police said.

It is believed Sousa was thrown from the car in the crash, police said.