Healthy Acadia is thrilled to announce its Downeast Partnerships for Success Second Annual Prevention Days Event. The two-day event, planned for June 2-3, celebrates the completion of year two of a five-year, Partnerships for Success initiative supported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and will include virtual learning and information sessions, as well as opportunities for community members to hear about some the exciting youth-focused projects currently supported through the initiative.

The Partnerships for Success initiative is a federally funded and nationwide effort to prevent youth substance use that focuses on expanding community-driven, collective efforts to prevent substance use and promote the health and well-being of youth aged 9 to 20. Healthy Acadia and Project partners have implemented multiple strategies using the evidence-based Icelandic Model for Youth Substance Prevention and tailored to the needs, challenges, and opportunities in rural Downeast Maine, to increase protective factors and decrease risk factors associated with youth substance use, specifically alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana.

The Prevention Days 2021 event is being coordinated by Healthy Acadia’s Downeast Partnerships for Success Project Coordinator Sara McConnell. “We are excited to take time on Wednesday, June 2nd and Thursday, June 3rd to provide these educational sessions for the community,” said McConnell, “We’re also really looking forward to connecting with this year’s grantees to hear about how their projects are going and discuss ways to collaborate on possible future projects.” 

Prevention Days 2021 will focus on virtual educational sessions for youth and adults. Participants can choose to attend one session or as many that will fit in their schedule. 

Sessions will include: 

  • “Age Appropriate Guidance on Balancing Media Use, an informative session from pediatrician Dr. Michael Ross.”  Dr. Ross will offer guidance on screen time balance amid the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. 
  • “Recovery Coaching Basics” – learn how peer coaching is helping individuals on their path to recovery
  • “Mindfulness and Nature,” with Jen Harry. Both practicing mindfulness and spending time in nature have been shown to have multiple benefits for our mental and physical well-being. Combining these two practices is a great way to slow down, calm the body & mind, improve concentration & focus, and connect more deeply to yourself and your experience. 
  • “Tobacco and Vapes in 2021,” explore the myths, facts, and risks of using tobacco products
  • “Drug Impairment Detection,” an informative for parents, educators, and others who work or connect with youth and adults
  • “Cooking Matters at the Store Tour”, this workshop will help participants learn how to shop, cook, and eat healthier on a budget and each participant will receive a $10 Hannaford gift card. 
  • “A Community Circle on Youth Engagement and Transforming Our Own Inner Landscape,” Danielle Woerner will guide participants in a variety of ways to relax and become more present.

Additional offerings include presentations on substance recovery and harm reduction resources, “The Other Side of Cannabis”, a short documentary film and discussion, and “Language Matters,” a presentation about non-stigmatizing language with regard to substance use disorder and treatment. Additional offerings may be added – visit for the full Prevention Days 2021 schedule and to register.

Downeast Partnerships for Success looks forward to the summer season of offering many activities from Healthy Acadia and many partner mini-grant awardees. A new round of mini-grants will be released in early fall at which time they will seek additional community partners to collaborate in providing opportunities and activities for youth in Hancock and Washington counties. Visit to learn more about Downeast Partnerships for Success.

For more information about Prevention Day and Downeast Partnerships for Success, contact Sara McConnell at  

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