OLD TOWN — Last year, the Old Town Elementary School partnered with Volunteers of America on several activities designed to connect school children with our senior residents at Penobscot River House. As part of that partnership, the children raised money to buy pet food for the pets of residents to reduce the risk of residents buying food for their pets rather than themselves.

Teacher Sue White contacted the Program Director Ron Gasita and told him that the third grade class raised money again this year for the same purpose. This time, however, they contacted the local Hannaford Supermarket and the store matched the amount they raised. The total with the match was $214).

Gasita picked up 175.9 pounds of pet food from the students who loaded it in his truck in the rain. This is a great example of our very young generation connecting with our older generation. There are so many positive things about this, i.e. building mutual respect, an understanding of the needs of others, compassion, connection, etc.

The school created a pet pantry from which the residents can obtain free food for their pets.