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Speaking the truth

Last year, embarrassed on the one hand, broken-hearted and despondent on the other, I

abandoned Donald Trump, his astonishing tribe of supplicants and my 50-year-old Republican

allegiance — and that of my parents and grandparents — and became a Democrat. Perhaps

I was hasty.

This isn’t because I’ve seen the light and the value and profitability of supplication, but

because the place for me to be most effective in helping to bring the Republican Party to its

senses is not from outside, but from allying myself with the few who have remained stubbornly loyal to the party’s noble but former principles. These stubborn few have insisted on the truth and have retained the courage of conviction and a firm grip on reality.

I hope Sen. Susan Collins will muster the resolve, as she has in the past, to

again swim against the tide of blind and mindless fealty and continue to defend Rep. Liz Cheney for speaking the truth.

Phil Crossman


End coyote persecution

The public hearing for LD 1265 An Act to Control the Means of Killing Coyotes through discontinuing the use of bait, dogs and night, was held on May 3. Using bait to lure an animal to a site for easy shooting, packs of dogs to corner and kill an animal, and night hunting are not fair or ethical hunting practices. Currently, there is no closed season and no limit for hunting coyotes. LD 1265 seeks to level the playing field and question why these methods are used in the first place.

Coyotes are persecuted due to fear, ignorance and greed, not because they pose a threat. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife reports that there are no documented coyote attacks on humans in Maine, 2020 had the highest number of deer tagged in 18 years (i.e., coyotes are not decimating the deer population), and coyote hunting permits are not a significant source of revenue. So why are multiple methods allowed to kill one species?

Humans are wired to resist change, yet change happens and we adapt. Ignorance and “this is the way it’s always been done” are not acceptable excuses. When we know better, we do better. And we do know better. There is no social, biological or economical reason for current coyote “management” methods, and the unnecessary slaughter and suffering of coyotes will continue until Maine citizens demand otherwise. Contact MDIFW, Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee members, and your state representatives to voice your opinion.

Tammy Cloutier


Intelligent leadership

According to Matt Gagnon, Maine should imitate the ” American South” and lift COVID-19 restrictions. Maine has fewer than 5,000 cases per 100,000. Tennessee has 12,000. South Carolina has 11,000. Alabama has nearly 11,000, Arkansas 11,000, Mississippi 10,000, Georgia 10,000, Florida 10,000, Kentucky 10,000, Texas 10,000, Louisiana nearly 10,000, Missouri nearly 10,000. In what way would Maine benefit if twice as many of our citizens were stricken by this disease? Would it be worth that much suffering so we could go in and buy a six-pack without a mask?

If the Founding Fathers had intended to make Maine a southern state they would have put us there. Let’s enjoy our present location, mask up, get vaccinated, care for each other and survive this pandemic with the pride of being one of the most COVID-free states in the U.S., thanks to intelligent leadership and an informed population.

Bill Carpenter

Stockton Springs